Software Engineer • December 2016 - Present • Team of 3 Engineers

Pimloc use innovative deep learning research and apply it to create products for information retrieval and image analytics. Our main product Pholio is an image content search tool.

I have been with Pimloc since its inception, beginning by making prototype and demo applications to showcase our research. In 2017 we created Pholio, an image search device offering Google Photos-like capabilities on an offline device, for privacy conscious users.

As part of a small team my responsibilities span most of Pilmoc’s tech stack. These have included:

  • Writing the front and backend for an image management and search application, using NodeJS, Express and Postgres on the backend and React and Redux on the frontend.
  • Working on deploying this application in several environments, including AWS, Linux and Docker, and on a mobile hardware platform using OpenEmbedded.
  • Setting up continuous integration systems using Jenkins.
  • Writing a number of other applications and tools, e.g. data annotation tool using React, Redux, NodeJS and Mongodb.
  • Responsibility for UI and UX design of our products.

OMG Life

Software Engineer • April 2013 - December 2016 (3 Years 9 Months) • Team of 5 Software Engineers

OMG Life brought Autographer, the worlds first intelligent wearable camera to market.

I worked on developing the Autographer Desktop application for Windows and Mac. My responsibilities included:

  • Fixing bugs and implementing new features on the Backbone JS app.
  • Introducing a release process for updating software to different groups of users.
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins.
  • Automated browser testing using Selenium.


Queen Mary, University of London

Mathematics • 2012

Topics covered include: Calculus, Geometry, Probability, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Mathematical Writing, Metric Spaces, Linear Algebra, Computing, Cryptography, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Problem Solving, Algebra, Graph Theory


Front End Web Development

Javascript, CSS, HTML, React, Backbone

Back End Web Development

NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, Docker, Linux


Git, AWS, CI, Regex,

Outside Interests

  • Live Music.
  • Film.
  • Photography.
  • Travel.